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Top Tier: Sweater Weather

Level37′Top Tier pick is the Club Monaco Reverse Fair Isle Sweater.

Club Monaco Reverse Fair Isle Sweater


If you have yet to get into the Winter spirit, one way to get there instantly, especially around all the holiday fanfare is with the Fair Isle Sweater.  This version from Club Monaco has a simple color palette that can pair well with any other ensemble offerings of your choice.

The Fair Isle Sweater is a classic piece that every man should own as a wardrobe staple.  Try to play it up with pale colored shirts underneath for a soft contrast.

Get your hands on the sweater of the season.  It’s not too late to catch up.

Level37- Cozy and Cool 


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Top Tier: Short Change

Level37‘s Top Tier pick is the J. Crew Stanton Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Shorts.

J. Crew Stanton Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Shorts

Put yourself in the blues.  Not the weekday blues but one that will bring a fun twist to your weekend.  Not too safe and no reason to be sorry by being all tan, these shorts give a good color break up to monotonous khaki or cargo shorts.   A superior fit which makes for all day comfort will keep you in a cool blue state of mind.   Take some smart attention this summer.

Level37- To The Knees

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Top Tier: Poolside Perfection

Level37′s Top Tier pick is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Short-Length Two-Tone Swim Shorts.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Short-Length Two-Tone Swim Shorts

Be the star at the poolside (or beach) without having to announce your arrival with an outdated  floral print.  You’ll look smart and as polished as one can posibly be in donning swimwear with these dual-toned shorts.

The soft and simple earth-tones allow you to keep the sleek side of your character in its right form.  No one will think a teenager has crashed the party wearing shorts that are too loud or too long.   Also, they’re not too short to make us believe that you’ve accidently worn your briefs instead of your swim attire.

A top tier choice well decided.

Level37- Well Stated

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Top Tier: In The Interest Of TIme

Level 37‘s Top Tier pick is the Emporio Armani Rose Gold Watch.

Brown is definitely on a great comeback.  The color is being incorporated into ensembles not only as a buffer to bring balance and more notice-ability, but also as a statement.

Emporio Armani Rose Gold Watch

One way to show off this once shunned and overlooked color is through the way you look at time.  Your watch is a defining style moment and can categorize your entire persona in the tick of a hand.  Be sure you make the right bold impression without overstepping your style boundaries.  You’ll still be at gold level status to hit the mark and be in-sync.

Level37-  Classic Look

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Top Tier: Shine On

Level 37‘s Top Tier pick is the Dolce & Gabbana Metal Aviators

We like aviators for their versatile shape.  They usually, more often than not, fit any face type and provides the most coverage from blaring sunlight.

Dolce & Gabbana Metal Aviators

Designed for the light, they aren’t treated as normal eye-wear and made with the same lens shape as reading glasses.  The sloped edges on this pair brings an extra detail with a spin on the traditional shape of aviators without sacrificing the classic oblong ends which reach the top of one’s cheekbones.  The brigde has a natural outward curvature instead of a design that planks straight across the face.

Lightweight and subtle frames are on the comeback from sporty-looking, wide, thick, colored frames which shout rather than stand in their position with dignity. Gold frames keep the covetable factor of this accessory at a luxe level without bending the lines of style.

Level37- Into The Sun

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