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A Deeper Look


The past summer had us waiting in anticipation for what was to come into a fully obtainable stage from Z Zegna (See Everything Considered).  Now, nothing is held back.  Here we get an extended look into Z Zegna’s F/W 2013 collection with the release of their lookbook.

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Andrea Preti, Greg Nawrat, James Smith, and Simone Nobili for Z Zegna’s F/W 2013 lookbook.



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Ever Evolving

Vince Camuto is really showing that they have much to offer through their Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook with Tobias Sorensen as the perfect model.  We are given a range of styles from everyday casual to suits that impress.


Jackets with fabric mixes, scarves, gloves and more makes layering look effortless and creates looks that are well coordinated which is essential for this season.  Grabbing a few of these wears and incorporating them into your wardrobe will leave no style regrets.

Level37- For Now And The Future

Tobias Sorensen for Vince Camuto’s Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook.

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Opening Series

With the Fall season fast upon us we are seeing thoughtful mixes of garments.  The layered looks pared down to simple yet punchy styles are fun to see as well as the looks that are worn up to their full potential.

H&M brings us an array of wardrobe items to express an urban attitude with black and whites.  Also, colorful appearances come onto the scene which are perfect for this transitional state of nature.

 Level37- Ready and Able



Miles McMillan donning September looks for H&M Divided collection.

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New Season

Standing in line doesn’t mean that you cannot stand out. Zara certainly makes it easier for us obtain looks that test the limits of menswear with the recognition that we are no longer fearful of taking chances.  

Color is brought to us in a variety of ways through suiting and print.  Retaining their classic aesthetic by offering staples and pumping out fashions of the here and now, Zara has brought a new charge to summer.  With their eye to the runway and their ear to the streets, we are given wardrobe choices that no matter how you wear it will always deliver consistently and make perfect sense.  There is no room for excuses when it comes to having options.

Level37- Walk The Line











Florian Van Bael and Roch Barbot for Zara Lookbook May 2013

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Fall Away

After the boys of Summer have gone, you now need to become the Autumn man.

Classic is the new way of getting things done.  Timeless pieces have to become a staple.  Wardrobe items need to be the threads that you can always go to and count on to give you quite a bang for you style.

Here, we see how that can be achieved with a little know-how and minimal effort.

Level37- Classy Simplicity

Clement Chabernaud for H&M Autumn 2012

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