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Back To The Blues

Massimo Dutti presents their men’s update in their S/S16 lookbook featuring Ollie Edwards.  The update presents a set of blue tones paired against neutrals of white and brown.  Casual looks that have the versatility of the summer built into the details.

Level37- Made For The Gent


Ollie Edwards for Massimo Dutti S/S16 lookbook: Captured Individuality Newness


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Nick Jonas: Tailored In TOPMAN

Nick Jonas, who is known for his casual style with a suave flair is tapped to show off the latest styles of TOPMAN’s Tailored collection.

Shown in suits, and jackets paired to casual shirts, Nick Jonas embodies the perfect balance of youthfulness and the modern man.  Denim jackets and double breasted blazers also come into the mix with a playful heart.  Some things will always remain a classic and once again it is proven that time and style are two undying forces

Level37- In Perfect Harmony



Nick Jonas for TOPMAN’s Tailored collection.

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Looking Forward

The future is always a vision we look to that changes the perception of our current reality.  We see obstacles as challenges rather than stumbling blocks and problems come as a game of not just finding the best solution of the moment but one that is lasting.  The future in this sense looks so clean and untarnished because we understand that what is in front of us then and there is not always going to be so.  When the challenges are overcome, that place we envisioned ourselves in feels so much sweeter when it is finally met.  It brings a joy that cannot be matched by anything else when we open our eyes and realize we are exactly where we thought of being.

In H.E. by Mango’s August 2014 lookbook, we are given an opportunity to look forward.  Slight updates to classic looks modeled by Florian Van Bael for the first waves of Fall are the focus.  The functionality of this collection will be sure to serve us well in handling whatever life has to throw at us.  Accessories and layering pieces are essential parts of the wardrobe to keep you at the top of your game.  You can play hard while making it look like you’re playing it safe in a fashionable and modern manner.

Life isn’t always easy, but you can make it less troublesome by thinking smarter about what you put on your back and what you do with your mind.

Level37- The Future Is Closer Than You Think














Florian Van Bael for H.E. by Mango’s August 2014 lookbook.



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Lines Of Intersection

I have a list of sites bookmarked so that each week I can quickly access these pages and see whats new.  Most times, I just randomly click through archives for things that may not have caught my eye before.  This past week I made a visit over to HERO Magazine and found a Q & A session “Beyond The Storm” with Craig Green.


Craig Green designs photographed by Charlotte Wales

I enjoy reading up on Q&A’s because you get a glimpse into the true essence of a person.  The questions are usually thrown out on a fly without giving the interviewee time to prepare for what he may be asked.  They may have a general idea, but in the end the answer must always be the truth from within themselves.  You are welcomed into a a realm of their reality and you have to immerse yourself into it to understand fully what their approach is or to simply see their perspective.  It’s like taking the lens of their minds and setting it onto yourself for a new way of thinking- if only for a few minutes of reading.

“People can’t do it exactly as you did it. Even if one person makes a mark on a piece of paper, and the next person makes a mark in the exact same way it’ll never be the same.”                         – Craig Green

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Vincent Levy who sat with Craig Green gave us a bit of a tour of the designer’s mind when it comes to his creative process.  From the viewing of the SS14 collection to his words, there is no connection lost.

Read the Full Q&A- Beyond The Storm: The reality of Craig Green

Visit the Craig Green website here.


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To Be Free


Etro has taken a wilder approach for its F/W 2013 lookbook.  Models Ton Heukels and Andres Risso don the latest from the brand with sketches alongside the ensembles, handing us the notion that as people we survive on instinct.

Whether it’s to smartly layer apparel or to go bold with a print, we are never ones to hide.  We must always choose to stand out and be free.

Level37- Basic Instinct

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Ton Heukels and Andres Risso for Etro’s F/W 2013 lookbook.

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