A Sculpted View

Looking out towards the edge of the earth, everything seems to have a definite ending line.  At the same time, everything seems possible and endless.
In this editorial from Fucking Young!, the parallels between human form and the beauty of nature are explored.  A collision of the elements of the world and in style are captured with an artistic impact.  The comparisons presented are reminiscent of sculpture with muted colors and the use of black and white; lending an interpretation that is left for the reviewer to decide.

The molding of all of these things- art, form, style, design, and nature, stretches the borders a little bit further than once believed could be accomplished.

Level37- Intersecting Barriers










Gabriele Blanda photographed by Leonardo Bornati and styled by Anna Cadeddu for Fucking Young! Online.

Art Director: Luca Imbimbo
Fashion Editor: Daniele Umberto Maria Pellegrinetti
MUA: Ettore Merendino
Photographer Assistant: Veronica Benedetti
Editor Assistant: Simone Rutigliano
Fashion Assistants: Diletta Rossi & Lucrezia Trevisan


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