Forward Drive

So often what is overlooked is the preparation it takes before embarking upon a journey. The road will not prepare itself for you; you will never know what is ahead.  You have to always be ready for it no matter what comes your way.  The main key towards the journey is passion.

A life worth living has passion at it’s heart, for is the source of all that flows out of it creating a lasting impact.  The atmosphere is changed where the persistent attitude of motivation is palpable.  The energy is transferred to those around you making you of one mind, moving forward with the same vision.

Everything falls in line the way it’s supposed to when you are in sync with every component of the path you’re set upon.  Always at ready, when the gateway opens, all you’ll need to do is go.

Level37- Uncontainable Energy









Models Jordy Baan, Francisco Perez, Kristi Welch, Philip Witts, and Ryan Frederick photographed by Pavel Denisenko for Risk Magazine Color Issue. Fashion Editor: Colin Anderson, Bookings Editor: Raf Tillis, Grooming: Alexander James, Hair: Michael Thomas Lollo, Stylist Assistant: Katherine Brito


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