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With a constant look on the horizon in a turning world, how can an idea come to its complete fruition?  This is one of the questions that comes to mind when considering the carousel of creative directors in and out of some of fashions most prominent houses.  Hedi Slimane leaving Saint Laurent earlier this month, Raf Simons leaving Dior last fall, and now most recently, Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli leaving Calvin Klein (role now to be taken by Raf Simons, perhaps), to name a few.

raf simons

Raf Simons  (image via Interview Magazine)

Italo Zucchelli

Italo Zucchelli (image via WWD)

Hedi Slimane

Hedi Slimane (image Via


Francisco Costa (image via


Of course we live in a world where change is embraced with a sense of a new and brighter awakening. This is something to look forward to with innovations taking place at a rate that is difficult to keep up with.  However, with so much newness, will we look back from a future point in time and wonder what it all even means?  Will the true roots of a brand rot away with the constant replanting of its product, representation, and influence? Will the Calvin Klein that still holds as much appeal today as it did forty or so years ago have as much instant recognition forty years ahead of us?

Brand recognition isn’t the only concern.  What makes a brand’s products covetable is not only the luxurious quality that comes with it, whether it be in material or aesthetic, but also the air of mystery behind its craftsmanship. We are already seeing a cry to reclaim mystery with designers closing off their shows, instead opting for private exclusive presentations.  Deep in the grain of every product a brand creates is its original story of the birth of their powerhouse.   Every bag, shoe or shirt is created with that story stitched in their fibers.   The fear is that too many changes without any significant periods of a steady direction will lead to a watered down and faded version of the original vision.  The brand is no longer recognizable since it has become a copy of a story that everyone thinks they know- a shadow of many shadows before them.  The story will be forgotten because the first written words of it have been burned by so many others lighting their own torches underneath it.

While these changes may be “what the kids want” in this day and age, it may not be worth the bending of the standards that have been set by fashion’s elite.  Even innovation needs an untainted source of inspiration.

Level37- Change Is Inevitable  



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