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The Forward Past

Wide collars.  Mock neck sweaters. Pleated trousers.  This is all starting to sound like we took a step back in time.

In this editorial, Filip Hrivnak is styled in S/S16 garments in a manner that lends a sleek and polished presentation with a nod to the past.  With color tones that blend well with texture and pattern, each look gives its components as much attention as the other, creating an overall vintage statement. 

The key to pulling off a vintage look with a modern twist is to keep lines clean and balance the fine details to avoid overkill. Fitting in and standing out at the same moment is pulled off and made to look effortless.

Level37- Back and Forth










Filip Hrivnak photographed by Romain Duquesne for GQ Australia May 2016. Styling by Brad Homes and grooming by Nobu Fujiwara.


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Well Suited

For their S/S16 campaign, Topman reveals their tailored suits with an understated flair.

Fit, tone and coordination play together to create looks that are sharp in any setting.  In our current time, suiting has become an expected look.  Incorporating pattern, texture and color can make a look complete without overdoing it.
What we gather here as a takeaway is the sense of freedom one has to make it all his own.  A suit doesn’t necessarily have to go with a collared shirt and tie.  It can be pair it against a stark print or a neutral inset.  Anything goes and the rules don’t apply anymore.  You are allowed to be who you are without any compromise.
Level37- All Yours
Topman S/S16 suiting campaign.

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Dreaming In Gold

Getting away to a place to drop everything and finally letting go seems impossible in this day in age.  That is until it dawns on you in the moment that you are actually doing it. You’re relaxing.

It all may feel like a dream that you’ll soon wake from.  You may very well be caught up in your own mind.  But no matter when it’s time for the alarm of reality to go off, you’ll be sure to return with a new outlook on life, all gilded with a hint of a sunny glow.

The main lesson is to see the beauty in everything.  There is a glimmer in every shadow.  Just change the lens in which you’re looking through and never let it fade away.

Level37- Out Look

Jon Kortajarena photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Miguel Arnau for GQ Spain May 2016.

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Guard Against The Day

To be challenged to see things in a different way whether it comes to politics, the arts or fashion is something that we all long for.  Not only does it bring about new creative solutions but it causes us to realize that what is the norm can be completely turned on its head in an innovative manner.
Designer Craig Green’s S/S16 campaign is set on the Isle of Sheppey in England, giving us a sense of complete isolation.
We imagine a scene where one is on constant defense against the harsh elements of the earth.  Lost.  Only able to depend on an occasional helping hand that is still trying to help themselves.
What provides a sense of shelter are the black garments, having a spirit all of their own, which serve as a shield from light and wind. At times, the garments also seem to be held up as a banner, an S.O.S. that won’t ever be answered.
One thing we can be sure of is that when the daylight ends and night begins to fall, the chaos and turmoil will settle and bring about a calm energy-a balance of the norm and the unseen.


Level37- Sight Unseen

Craig Green Spring/Summer 2016 campaign photographed by Amy Gwatkin and styled by Vincent Levy.

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Work, Play, and Adventure

We all have busy lives, but in the small moments we have to ourselves it’s important to take advantage of the time and step off the ordered path.  Whether it’s for a weekend off or just a few hours from the day, you owe it to yourself to have a little fun, and look stylish doing it.

Bruno Magli shows much versatility in their S/S16 campaign proving that luxury doesn’t always have to be stiff.  With a collection of loafers, boots, sneakers and more, there is a perfect pair to accompany your daily activities.  See more of their campaign in this behind-the-scenes video.

Level37- Step In, Step Out








Janice Fronimakis and Marian Kurpanov photographed by An Le for Bruno Magli S/S16 campaign.

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