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Man Around Town

You either love your city or you can’t wait to escape to another one.  But what is it about the city lifestyle that is so appealing?  Anyone will tell you, even it’s for a glint of a moment, that there is a feeling that anything can happen and somehow nothing is impossible.  A city defines the true nature of any region and encompasses all the good, the bad, and the ugly into one perfectly packaged bundle that you cannot wait to open up and explore.

Having done all the major attractions is a small part of taking ownership.  Claiming a piece of the concrete jungle as your own is what truly defines your connection.  Those little gems that are meaningful to us and no one else is what makes it special.  We all have our own nook that we’ve carved out whether it be a certain time of day, a restaurant that flows against the social pulse, or a quaint shop that’s off the radar of popularity.  These gems become monuments along the timeline of our lives.

It’s a bond that pulls and tugs keeping a taut balance.  In the same way that we’ve discovered so much in our city, the city has also captured a piece of each of us, claiming a space in our lives as its own.

Level37- Memorable Metropolis











Tommy Dunn photographed by Sergi Pons for GQ Spain February 2015. Styled by Joanna de la Fuente.


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