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Set The Scene

A story can take on certain tone depending on the way it is colored.  This can make a negative situation turn positive, influence a new initiative or even turn efforts to work in your favor.

We are presented with two Spring/Summer 2015 campaigns that certainly takes color to luxurious and heightened- albeit slightly relaxed standards of decadence.  Whether it’s a nod to a past decade or embracing the merging of urban and modern concepts, we understand that for a new season to turn into its full glory, a certain appeal of hues is necessary for a theory to be well received.
How far we have come is quite evident.  Hearing the word “luxury” would usually elicit a picture of high powered structure with a non-conforming quality of rareness that was so palpable, yet far away like a fleeting dream.  Now, we see that the standard of luxury has taken on a form of its own over the years.  Still original, but more inclusive of reality.
Staying true to their existence, both of these campaigns represent the brands in a fresh light leaving behind the bells and whistles of scenery and props.  Letting the clothes speak for themselves, the voice of the season can be clearly heard: the foundation is all that matters.  It is from there on which everything else is built.  No matter how much the world may change, some things will always remain the same only to prove that originality can never be compromised.
Level37- Staying Power
 Alessio Pozzi and Miroslav Cech styled by David Bradshaw and photographed by Mert & Marcus

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