The Way We Will Be

There is no doubt that technology has had a major impact on human society thus far.  So many advances have been made and without innovation becoming more progressive decade after decade, who knows what primitive state we may be in today.

For his S/S 2015 collection, Marlon Gobel has taken the concept of technology merging with with fashion to an entirely new level with a theme of “Transhumanism”.  We all hear about wearable tech, but this particular presentation pushes the envelope.  What if tech goes beyond wearable to being a part of you?  And not just a part of you, but a necessary addition to your daily life.

This collection made me wonder, where is our future headed?  Imagine being able to control and manipulate the things around you with a simple thought, glare, or wave of your hand. Or harnessing energy, becoming a source rather than a consumer.

It brings into deep consideration how we are connected now and the efforts being made to connect us further in preparation for a perfect future.  After all, if the future is what we do now, Marlon Gobel is showing us that such a reality where tech becomes the sole basis of our survival may not be so far off.

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Level37- Tech vs. Nature






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2 responses to “The Way We Will Be

  1. Spacecorgi

    I can’t speculate on the future when I’m too busy focusing on how handsome Chad is ❤

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