Color and Print

Color can change moods and evoke certain memories.  We gravitate towards certain prints because their intricate patterns capture a specific strain of creativity within us.  These feeling are unique in the same way as our fingerprints.  No two people are truly ever alike.  We are each our own beings.

In this editorial for August Man Malaysia, Cesar Casier who is photographed by Pat Supsiri shows off a few threads that punch up not only looks, but attitude as well.  Giving us a transitional, all season vibe in styling, we are shown how to make each one-of-a-kind piece make a statement while still flowing well into one ensemble.  Whether it’s vibrant or complex, good style is knowing how to make it all work for you.  With the unforced ownership plainly evident, this is an opportunity to take notes and execute flawlessly.


Level37- Being Yourself 



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Cesar Casier photographed by Pat Supsiri for August Man Malaysia – August 2014 .

Creative Direction: Melvin Chan

Stylist: Andrew Zumbo, (Rick Troy Pes, Seaneen Blair, Marissa Wilford- Assistant Stylists)

Grooming: Diane Dusting


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