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Looking Forward

The future is always a vision we look to that changes the perception of our current reality.  We see obstacles as challenges rather than stumbling blocks and problems come as a game of not just finding the best solution of the moment but one that is lasting.  The future in this sense looks so clean and untarnished because we understand that what is in front of us then and there is not always going to be so.  When the challenges are overcome, that place we envisioned ourselves in feels so much sweeter when it is finally met.  It brings a joy that cannot be matched by anything else when we open our eyes and realize we are exactly where we thought of being.

In H.E. by Mango’s August 2014 lookbook, we are given an opportunity to look forward.  Slight updates to classic looks modeled by Florian Van Bael for the first waves of Fall are the focus.  The functionality of this collection will be sure to serve us well in handling whatever life has to throw at us.  Accessories and layering pieces are essential parts of the wardrobe to keep you at the top of your game.  You can play hard while making it look like you’re playing it safe in a fashionable and modern manner.

Life isn’t always easy, but you can make it less troublesome by thinking smarter about what you put on your back and what you do with your mind.

Level37- The Future Is Closer Than You Think














Florian Van Bael for H.E. by Mango’s August 2014 lookbook.




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Color and Print

Color can change moods and evoke certain memories.  We gravitate towards certain prints because their intricate patterns capture a specific strain of creativity within us.  These feeling are unique in the same way as our fingerprints.  No two people are truly ever alike.  We are each our own beings.

In this editorial for August Man Malaysia, Cesar Casier who is photographed by Pat Supsiri shows off a few threads that punch up not only looks, but attitude as well.  Giving us a transitional, all season vibe in styling, we are shown how to make each one-of-a-kind piece make a statement while still flowing well into one ensemble.  Whether it’s vibrant or complex, good style is knowing how to make it all work for you.  With the unforced ownership plainly evident, this is an opportunity to take notes and execute flawlessly.


Level37- Being Yourself 



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Cesar Casier photographed by Pat Supsiri for August Man Malaysia – August 2014 .

Creative Direction: Melvin Chan

Stylist: Andrew Zumbo, (Rick Troy Pes, Seaneen Blair, Marissa Wilford- Assistant Stylists)

Grooming: Diane Dusting

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Denim Transformed

Denim plays a very important role in every mans wardrobe.  Now, when we talk about denim, its not just about finding the perfect pair of jeans.  We are given more selections that ever before, especially with the Hugo Boss Orange A/W 2014 collection.

Modeled by Harvey Haydon and Miles Langford, we see shirts, jackets, jeans, and vests that stand up to any of your styling choices.  Distressing, various washes, and contrasting buttons are a few of the details that can take your ensembles from city-sleek to casual-edge.  Paired with leather jackets, boots and in other instances treated as suit separates, the versatility of denim is put to the ultimate test in style.  It is proved that denim will always be the fabric that keeps us moving to the next level of modern times.

Level37-  Re-Imagined and Evolved


HBOrange1 HBOrange2 HBOrange3 HBOrange4 HBOrange5 HBOrange6

Miles Langford and Harvey Haydon in Hugo Boss Orange A/W 2014.

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