Two years ago when I first heard that Simon Spurr would no longer be at the helm of his label, I was a bit shocked, especially since I’d just gotten over seeing his A/W collection that year.  I had no idea it would be his last.

However, it was a short moment of dismay. I knew he had something up his sleeve. Taking from his previous work- the dedication which was always evident in the final results, this sort of designer doesn’t go down without fighting for the stance of his values. He brought to light this truth: Passion doesn’t die easily.

Now we see the touch of Simon’s creativity with the revival of Kent & Curwen.  Those who are familiar with the label cannot deny that it was in need of fresh take.  Simon is the reason that it is now on everyone’s radar.

For the A/W collection Simon, stays true to the heritage of the brand by offering classic British sportsmanship with updated cricket knitwear while infusing utilitarian details and edge into coats and jackets.  A vibrant yet believable color palette gives notice to the finer “taken for granted” details like epaulettes, buttons and zipper placements.

With a collection that is carefully designed with a sense of effortlessness, Kent & Curwen has even more staying power with the leadership of a new mind.

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Level37- Back In Style

kentandcurwen1 kentandcurwen2

Charlie Timms and Harry Chatfield photographed by Eric Ray Davidson for Kent & Curwen A/W 2014 campaign.


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