Lines Of Intersection

I have a list of sites bookmarked so that each week I can quickly access these pages and see whats new.  Most times, I just randomly click through archives for things that may not have caught my eye before.  This past week I made a visit over to HERO Magazine and found a Q & A session “Beyond The Storm” with Craig Green.


Craig Green designs photographed by Charlotte Wales

I enjoy reading up on Q&A’s because you get a glimpse into the true essence of a person.  The questions are usually thrown out on a fly without giving the interviewee time to prepare for what he may be asked.  They may have a general idea, but in the end the answer must always be the truth from within themselves.  You are welcomed into a a realm of their reality and you have to immerse yourself into it to understand fully what their approach is or to simply see their perspective.  It’s like taking the lens of their minds and setting it onto yourself for a new way of thinking- if only for a few minutes of reading.

“People can’t do it exactly as you did it. Even if one person makes a mark on a piece of paper, and the next person makes a mark in the exact same way it’ll never be the same.”                         – Craig Green

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Vincent Levy who sat with Craig Green gave us a bit of a tour of the designer’s mind when it comes to his creative process.  From the viewing of the SS14 collection to his words, there is no connection lost.

Read the Full Q&A- Beyond The Storm: The reality of Craig Green

Visit the Craig Green website here.



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