All In One

For their Fall/Winter 2013 campaign, Lanvin blends tough sport with serious business.  With suiting that’s set for easy wear and leading up to celebration causes, a delectable juxtaposition is welcome when paired with pieces that conjure up ideas of grittiness.

Ushering in sneakers and utilitarian features with suiting, the incorporation of two concepts on the opposite ends of the style spectrum create an idea to behold and make a part of normalcy.  It has been seen often, but somehow not done right–sneakers or backpacks with suits.  But this campaign doesn’t just throw out something for consumers to go out and buy.  It makes us question our current state of style.  Is it all wrong and just seems right because we’ve seen it before?  Now that it is projected in a grand way are we justifying it and validating it’s right to be acceptable?  

Lanvin is now giving us something to think about and also something to appreciate.

Level37- Groundbreaking








Abiah Hostvedt, Callum Bartin, Francois Verkek, Gustav Swedberg, Miles Langford, and Tara Ferry for Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2013 ad campaign photographed by Steven Meisel.


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