Big Deal

Long gone are the days when putting on a suit meant that you were being thrown into a stiff and uncomfortable setting out of your elemental state.  As we see here, wearing a suit and owning a suit are two different concepts to behold.

Anyone can wear a suit and honestly look pretty good in it.  But owning a suit is something that cannot be taught.  Of course it takes a certain level of confidence and by certain, I mean a sure level that doesn’t falter under any challenge.  It’s more than what you’re wearing, it’s about your presence and remaining steadfast in your position and taking control of your status at every moment.

You know you’ve finally gotten it right when donning your suit just fits.  Beyond the fabric and the tailoring, for you it just comes as easy as doing what you love- there’s no work behind it.

Level37- Getting Dressed








Kevin Pattee photographed by Micky Wong for August Man.


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