Where Do You Stand?

The one thing that should not waver is the position you stand in. What separates mature gents from the rest of the pack is his ability to adapt while still remaining true to his morals and values.

Unflinching and without hesitation, one should be able to stand his ground in the face of any adversity.  No matter where everyone else is place on the map, staying on the path that was created for you and you alone will shape a well deserved destiny.  Whatever the situation, a sure stance can yield more than ever thought possible.  The key is to remain confident in the fact that your  final destination is determined by your present actions.

Level37- Straight And Narrow 

Aquinas1 Aquinas2 Aquinas3 Aquinas4 Aquinas5 Aquinas6Aquinas7

Andreas Bertran Holm, Nico Di Pierro, Fausto Di Pino, Sébastien Pipet, and by Kevin Pineda and Niccolo Fano for Carbon Copy #17.


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