Dropping By

When checking up on how things are running, you need to look the part.  Namely, you need to look like you mean business.  That’s always the name of the game: To never get caught off guard.  Whether it’s to review a report, have a chat with a partner, or to just have a stroll around the place, you need to look smooth while ensuring things are running smoothly.

The key is to make it look effortless.  After-all, it should be anything but.  You were out to lunch, decided to drop in and while you were at it you got some real work done.  No matter what the other guys are doing.  They may have taken too long of a break or even taken the rest of the day off.  But what you know is that while others are sleeping, the only ones who get further ahead are the ones that punch out late and still remain clocked in at off hours.

Level37- On Call







Yannick Boetzkes in Forbes June 2013 photographed by Gorka Postigo


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