Good To Go

Emporio Armani presents their Fall/Winter 2013/2014 campaign with looks that will surely become the get for the cooler season.


Marlon Teixeira, Nils Butler and Alexandre Cunha for

Emporio Armani F/W2013/2014 Campaign.

The outerwear’s functionality and ease of wear create an overall look that can truly stand up to today’s obstacles.  Deep hues make any item from this collection an easy grab to just go with.  With a clean and sleek approach which is the brands usual mainstay, we are provided with a minimal need for heavy layering.  More so, each item speaks for itself, all the while complementing the others.

Detail and design shine through giving more necessary meaning to the apparel beyond just serving as an exterior shield. It is often said that clothes make the man, but there are times when a man must be silent and let his wardrobe tell it all.

Level37-  Ever Ready

See more of this campaign here.




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