Steps Ahead

Avant guard.  Being forward of time.

Some may call anything that seems beyond general understanding or newly creative a nod to modernity.  Away from the sleek and straight edged boredom, modern has definitely taken a new turn into a deeper meaning beyond just a look.  With it, pushing the envelope has also gained traction in an appealing manner.

Building up an empire of forward style doesn’t just begin overnight.  It takes note from past and present going towards the smoky and uncertain future with a concrete vision.  As with all art, it either happens and happens well enough for notice to be taken or it happens but still seems like it is trying to find a footing, a place to hold onto and call home.

The one factor that is always hard to tap onto is time.  It is never a matter of what or how.  It is always a matter of when.  How far does one project into the future and when does he allow that projection to be viewed?  If one ventures too far ahead or showcases at the wrong point on the timeline, it may not be understood only to be seen as unsubstantial fodder to be cast aside.  It is a doubled edged sword that can slice on one mark but miss at an angle on the other point.  A delicate dance.  Yet, striking upon those notes require a constant yearning to try until a glorious time comes when it just seems to fit and all things align for that moment to occur.

Level37- Timing Is Everything








Rodrigo Soares photographed Julien Cozzolino for L’Insolent Magazine.


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