Completely Gradual

Sometimes we make a mistake of trying to make a huge statement with a major wardrobe item.  This is effective but there are also the times when the small details coming together is all that matters.

Quilting, leather tie, zipped cuffs, notch lapels, leather gloves… all of these things form a truly delightful experience in play with wardrobe and takes apparel as a whole to a new level.

The excitement should never fall flat in one moment.  There should always be something to look forward to when taking in an ensemble from head to toe.

Style should not be a bang- one event.  Style should always be a process; a gift that never stops giving.  Style is eternal.  Style never quits and dies of boredom; it always finds a reason to stay alive.

Level37- Major Small Details








Bastian Thiery photographed by Kostas Avgulis for GQ Style Italy.


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