One Of The Boys

In life, you get to choose.  Who you surround yourself with and call your brothers says a lot about your own character and values.

Such choices are made over time until you finally get it right.  Some are meant to stay while others are meant to just pass through.  Either way, when looked upon as a whole, it has to make sense.

In style, there are the dapper, whimsical, laid back, and casual-cool gents that take the streets by swarms and packs.  Determining which you are in the group is never possible because you all challenge each other to take more risks and go to higher heights.  One day you’re this and the next day you’re that.  The best thing to do is to just go with it and see where the streets and your brothers take you.

Level37-  Take The Lead

Chris Moore, Rodrigo Calazans, Jules Hamilton, and Luke Lysdahl photographed by Phil Knott for Flaunt Magazine.


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