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Sense and Sensibility

Many people have their favorite designers for many different reasons.  One that makes it to my personal list is Ermenegildo Zegna.  After taking a look, you will see that they do not create just for the sake of it.  They create with an ultimate end in mind, while yet and still setting forth a line of aspiration in their own right.

In GQ UK’s November 2012 Issue, Chris Kightley gives a closer look at some of Ermenegildo Zegna’s designs with a focus on functionality while still adhering to it’s sophisticated curve.

Keeping within the proper balance of modern and forward classics and the creative pulse of fashion, Ermenegildo Zegna continually proves their staked position and their credibility to those who are closely watching  how designers will set the bar higher.

Level37- Onward

Chris Kightley in Ermenegildo Zegna photographed by Adam Whitehead for GQ UK November 2012 Issue.


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One Of The Boys

In life, you get to choose.  Who you surround yourself with and call your brothers says a lot about your own character and values.

Such choices are made over time until you finally get it right.  Some are meant to stay while others are meant to just pass through.  Either way, when looked upon as a whole, it has to make sense.

In style, there are the dapper, whimsical, laid back, and casual-cool gents that take the streets by swarms and packs.  Determining which you are in the group is never possible because you all challenge each other to take more risks and go to higher heights.  One day you’re this and the next day you’re that.  The best thing to do is to just go with it and see where the streets and your brothers take you.

Level37-  Take The Lead

Chris Moore, Rodrigo Calazans, Jules Hamilton, and Luke Lysdahl photographed by Phil Knott for Flaunt Magazine.

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Easy Going

Sophistication isn’t just a state of mind, it’s a state of being.

Luxury has a standard and a part of representing such a front is in the way in which you carry yourself.  A true gent knows that his it factor is something that cannot be taught.  Crazy as it sounds, it’s something that you are truly born with that comes to it’s full adulthood over time.  One day it can seem that it will never happen and then the next, it’s there with guns blazing.

Master it.  Make it your own and yours alone with the way you hold your gaze and posture.  Pace your gait to a caliber that has no match.  Take a stance that puts you in a comfort zone that will have others wondering who you really are.  Part of the welcoming mystery is in how you seem so sure of yourself in a world that’s so uncertain.

Level37- Phase Of Matter

Adrien Brunier photographed by Jair Sfez for GQ Russia

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Lucky Strike

When you reach a certain height, there is nothing left to do but take a plunge…a daring risk.  You already know all the style rules.  You know what to keep in the golden rule book and what to banish to the frigid cold when it comes to looking your best.

The risks you take may not stray far from the rules, but you can most definitely bend them in your favor.   Because you’re confident in your own beliefs of right and wrong, you know the attention you’ll gain is a line of inspiration being trailed by you  and yourself alone.  Taking a leap of faith in style is a marriage of all the senses that will make for an exhilarating experience, even for those around you.

Level37- Born To Be Wild

Andre Ziehe photographed by Sean P. Watters for Glamoholic.

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Metropolitan Soldier

Everywhere around the city, you see him stand.  He’s the one who is always sure of himself and never doubts for a moment that he is in control.  In one moment, he is in your presence.  You barely notice him, but you more so feel him.  A look back for a better glance and he has vanished, on towards a new mission.

He’s not gone forever.  This isn’t an out of sight, out of mind experience.  These are moments that will come back to your remembrance in vague and dreamlike ways to inspire you, though subconsciously.  You’ll one day look at yourself in the mirror and see that you, yourself are becoming that same soldier.

Level37- Fleeting Imprint

Hao Yun Xiang photographed by Daniel Riera for GQ Germany.

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