Colliding Elements

Masculinity and nature are in a perfect marriage.

The beauty is how each entity, human nature and it’s mother, coexists in perfect harmony.  No overpowering of the two powers, just a simple way of being.

What we learn is to give in to a call that’s within all of us.  Separation only brings more chaos and more wonder to behold is lost.  When forces come together, something splendid and beautiful is created that cannot be torn apart by man. No choice will be left but for each man to look upon himself and make a choice to change for the better for all.

Deep within, we know that it’s not just about style.  It’s about reaching for something greater than ourselves that we can be a part of.  The stronger the connection, the more we become inclined to art; whether it is man-made or created naturally.

Level37- Mind Over Matter

Emil Dostovic, William Jagnow, and Stefano Kuhn photographed by Brent Chua and styled by Davian Lain for Style Mode Magazine


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