High Light: What Did You Expect?

People only fear what they do not understand and more often than not, many choose to remain in the comfortable glow of the safe and familiar.  Here, is a brand that forces us to really take a look into what is considered mysterious, whether it be due to controversy or cases that never have an explained meaning or reality.

With designs that come in sporty and casual styles, What Did You Expect? Clothing brings a subject that isn’t mainstream conversation to the forefront. Integrating such ease of wear brings subjects to ponder and discuss to a tangible and down-to-earth level.

When you begin to see doors open towards a new path of understanding and a turn of events that may not have been options in the past, instead of questioning why, the best answer may be WDYE?

Liberation is Dead.

Visit www.whatdidyouexpectclothing.com to shop their latest products, connect through Tumblr, and connect through Twitter.


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