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Routine Course

There are those moments that may seem unimportant.  There are also the moments of solitude you have to yourself  even if it’s just taking a last sip of coffee before you have to run out.

These moments, though fleeting, do add up to be a lot of time.  This doesn’t mean that within those small moments one should not look his best.  For work, a casual day out on errands or even just to lounge in your personal sanctuary, take care and attention to your style.  All those minutes add up to be something beautiful to look at.

Level37- Minutes To Hours











Takuya Nakamura for August Man Singapore photographed by Lester Lai.


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Stand Out

Sean O’Pry dons Salvatore Ferragamo’s designs for their Fall 2012 campaign.

A path to setting oneself apart while staying in perfect line has been discovered.  It’s just enough to make your head turn and stop and stare for all good reason.  Design comes into play as art, an extension of who you are from deep within causing a frenzy of mystery and delectable taste.

Details such as heightened footwear, slim cuts, and rich colors are ideal for the Autumn season.  There are no mistakes here to learn from.  It’s all perfection with flawless execution.

Level37- See And Be Seen




Sean O’Pry  for Salvatore Ferragamo Autumn 2012 campaign.  Photographed by Mikael Jansson.

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Distinguished Absolute

Man in his most prime form is a beautiful sight.

Here we see rightful risks being taken providing an example of how a man can progress and evolve.

Luxury doesn’t just happen. Style must still be at the heart and to don such attire with full knowledge, you have to bring in a sense of confidence.  The proof will be in the end result.

The future at a primitive state would be shameful and there is no reason here why one should hang his head.

Level37- Proud Standard










Simon Nessman in Numero Homme China photographed by Tiziano Magni.

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Strong Enough

There is strength in numbers.  And that numer is 1.

Tony shows us how personality really does shine.  In every scene there is a level of serious that just tells you that a phase of adulthood has passed.  Not to the point where there is nothing left to discover, but to a point where it’s a sure thing.

No longer does one wonder if he has made the right choice in this or that, but you know what the effects will be to the cause.

Being sure is half the battle and presenting such an attitude is definitely a winning spirit.

Level37- Lone Star









Tony Ward for Elle Man Mexico June 2012  photographed by Sebastian Troncoso.

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Top Tier: Short Change

Level37‘s Top Tier pick is the J. Crew Stanton Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Shorts.

J. Crew Stanton Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Shorts

Put yourself in the blues.  Not the weekday blues but one that will bring a fun twist to your weekend.  Not too safe and no reason to be sorry by being all tan, these shorts give a good color break up to monotonous khaki or cargo shorts.   A superior fit which makes for all day comfort will keep you in a cool blue state of mind.   Take some smart attention this summer.

Level37- To The Knees

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