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Top Tier: Poolside Perfection

Level37′s Top Tier pick is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Short-Length Two-Tone Swim Shorts.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Short-Length Two-Tone Swim Shorts

Be the star at the poolside (or beach) without having to announce your arrival with an outdated  floral print.  You’ll look smart and as polished as one can posibly be in donning swimwear with these dual-toned shorts.

The soft and simple earth-tones allow you to keep the sleek side of your character in its right form.  No one will think a teenager has crashed the party wearing shorts that are too loud or too long.   Also, they’re not too short to make us believe that you’ve accidently worn your briefs instead of your swim attire.

A top tier choice well decided.

Level37- Well Stated


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Cold Heat

No, you’re not dressed like a superhero.  And you’re not blind either.  Certainly not.

You see clearly what you’ve done.  You’ve made red hotter.  It’s the color to don and be cool in no matter what.  Bad boys wear red and there is certainly nothing wrong with that in our book.  It’s a part of human nature- Let boys be boys.

Level37- Dare Devil






Zascha Knochell photographed by Adrian Mesko for GQ Japan

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Bright Haze

When the sun is high, it’s okay to relax.  Easy summer style is meant to have its own persona and your character may take a bit of a vacation.  You’re not losing it, you’re just keeping cool.

Showing off your 24-hour scruff tells us that summer is conquered by great souls like you.  And conquer you will and shall, even if it’s done by settling into your seat to soak up the sun.  Where is it going to go anyway?  Summer days are here, and here to stay.

Level37- Life’s A Beach







Andre Hamann for Esquire Greece

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No Formula

The truth is that there is no formula.  Somehow, it just works out.

Denim is invincible.  If it is dying a death, it’s a slow one.  And by slow we mean it’s probably not even crawling forward at a snail’s rate of travel.  There will always be a perfect pair or layer to put with your denim.  When in doubt, you can count on throwing on anything with it and stepping out in style without thought.  Others will think you spent all morning.

Level37- You Know How To Wear It

Alexandre Cunha and Gabriel Perez photographed by Nacho Alegre for L’Optimum Magazine

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Summer Sun

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Stay stylish by having your eye-wear make as much of a shout as your apparel.  Balanced luxe will tip the scales in your favor by bringing you to a style status that all will want to reach.  They may not see what you’re looking to, but it’s clear that you’re going in a desirable direction.

Don’t be surprised if you gain some followers.




Terron Wood photographed by A. P. Kim for Essential Homme

Level37- Seeing Style

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