Crossing Contrasts

You thought it would look silly but for some reason it just works.

A single color head to toe may leave one to think that he’ll end up looking as if he tried to create his own uniform.  Here we see the exact opposite.  Orange played up with different fabrics brings depth to the ensemble.  Layering the proper neutral and adding accessories relaxes the look and brings out the pro status to show that you’re not trying your hand at this for the first time.

And just what are you supposed to pair with gray jeans?  Gray would work for starters.  Here we see a rocked up version of a full gray-scale with boots and a dual toned, hooded sweater.

Colored pants?  Gray on top always works. Always.  We see here that it doesn’t always have to be worn with a blazer or plain tee.  Mix it up, gents.  Play around with layering techniques to bring out the different facets of your attitude.

Level37- Color Sceme



Tyler Grostic photographed by Ricardo Aca



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