Not An Average Joe

It’s no doubt that Joseph Abboud’s F/W 2012 collection is pushing the limit on how far menswear and style can truly go.  The mix of knitwear with expert suiting shows us that layering is still at the forefront and the the urge to pare down an ensemble during the F/W seasons should be left to pre-fall, resort, and S/S.  Sticking to the calendar is the sure-fire way to refresh the eyes and give us an in-depth look on what this season really means for the male- a time for true flair and shine.

The colors present a luxurious feel and refined attitude even when used in plaid prints or in a spectral manner.  A sense of maturity is apparent.  It is made known with various textures used throughout the collection that donning these pieces is not for an amateur to try his hand at.

Function meets the tone of time as we see suits matched to boots, cinched waists and comforting coverage provided through knitwear.  The true male adjusts to his environment quite nicely and effortlessly with this Joseph Abboud ’12 collection to owe thanks to.

Level37-  Trial, No Errors

Joseph Abboud F/W 2012 Collection


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