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Water Gun

Proceeding with caution is necessary, but Alexandre Cunha certainly won’t slip your mind this time around.  Though young in age, he’s no young gun.  This pro is making all the right moves.

This set of water-drenched photos will have you wanting to soak up some sun in the brighter days ahead.

Proven: Showing skin is not a bad idea at all.

Level37- Get Out, Get Wet

Alexandre Cunha for Viktor Magazine Spring/Summer 2012


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(Un)Common Scents

The trail which is unseen yet compels its passers-by to follow and track is the one of the scent.

Choosing the right fragrance to conform to your body chemistry is crucial to leaving the right impression.  Each stitch and thread can be in the perfect place to get noticed but to turn heads- the secret is in the spritz.  The key is to try a few scents that truly work for you and once you’ve got the notes down, you’ll be at pro status.

But here is something to remember: Quality Over Quantity.  A little always goes a long way (at times more than you could have imagined).  One press of the nozzle too many and you can come off as the man who doesn’t know himself enough and probably still has some growing up to do.

Level37- Fragrance Freedom





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Forward Expanse

Bottega Veneta has brought  materials in menswear usually shown at a minimal scale to a grand view.  The use of leather and prints has created an unmatched wearable dynamic.  With a classic color palette, the modern male continues to expand the barriers of what is acceptable without going completely out of bounds.

Level37-  Ready To Wear

James Smith donning Bottega Veneta for Engine Magazine photographed by Junji Hata

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Structured Sentiment

It’s often the attitude behind the threads that brings life and intrigue to the foreground.

Blending the artistic lines of architecture and nature shows versatility which propels beauty to a place beyond the depth of skin.

Level37- Elemental Stage

Zeb Ringle photographed by Tony Duran

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The Bold Standard

Color is here to awaken the senses and create music for the eyes.

Chris Dattola displays the full spectrum showing that when smartly paired with the proper print or simple neutral, a color can convey an intellect that leaves no room to be questioned.

Level37- Tailored Tones

Chris Dattola photographed by Chiun-Kai Shih for GQ Taiwan.

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