Path To Success

Being well suited is important.  Knowing you’re well suited is an entirely different kind of game.  When you are the one being sought after for guidance and solutions, there is no room for error.

Show them that you’re no amateur.  You know exactly how to play by the rules, using your accesories to propel you and not limit your staure.  Whether it’s a three piece or a simple suit, you are still in business.

It’s ok to not have a full windsor knot with a shadow upon ones chin.  This only proves that work at times can be a little rugged and you’re prepared for the grit.  The perfect height of extension of your pocket square gives the true notion of select expertise and elite professionalism.

Make use of all your tools and you’ll remain sharp.  You’re sure to close the deal long before glasses are refreshed at your business lunch.

Level37- Dressed And Ready

Noah Mills for GQ UK February 2012 photographed by James Dimmock


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