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Beautiful Sight

There’s no denying the beauty of man, especially when his soul can be felt.  If one feels it,  it must be real.  Looking to the heavens for it’s reason and meaning can cause a majestic impression, altering countenance and bending knowledge towards wonder.

Captivated and eye-locked, you cant help but want to experience the mystery lying in the cosmos within the self and outside the physical body.

Level37-  Feel It All 

Frederick Ells (Re:Quest Model Management NYC) and Chris Arundel (Aim Model Management NYC) for Style Mode Magazine F/W 2011 photographed by Rowan Papier.


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Mind Game

Even when crime is done, it won’t hurt to look good within the guilt.  With evidence written plainly on the hands, a few phases of emotion must be passed before seeing all harsh memories washed away.  Running, hiding and recalling may seem to be fleeting moments, but the self and truth still remains.

Level37 – Red-Handed

Andres Velencoso Segura photographed by Hunter & Gatti for Esquire Espana

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Path To Success

Being well suited is important.  Knowing you’re well suited is an entirely different kind of game.  When you are the one being sought after for guidance and solutions, there is no room for error.

Show them that you’re no amateur.  You know exactly how to play by the rules, using your accesories to propel you and not limit your staure.  Whether it’s a three piece or a simple suit, you are still in business.

It’s ok to not have a full windsor knot with a shadow upon ones chin.  This only proves that work at times can be a little rugged and you’re prepared for the grit.  The perfect height of extension of your pocket square gives the true notion of select expertise and elite professionalism.

Make use of all your tools and you’ll remain sharp.  You’re sure to close the deal long before glasses are refreshed at your business lunch.

Level37- Dressed And Ready

Noah Mills for GQ UK February 2012 photographed by James Dimmock

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Black Slate

Intelligently clean and sleek, Jil Sander’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection gives us many a black ensemble.  Black is re-defined from just being edgy or classic.  A delicious modern twist is granted via tailored suiting and flattering pieces that drape perfectly. The fabric mix-up adds depth to the collection and keeps interest at a high peak.

A cool aura is complemented by the fine details and accessories- cinched waists, notched ties and leather gloves.  All this gives the right reason to fall in love with black again.

Level37- No Bore, No Bleak.

Jil Sander F/W 2012 Collection

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Spring Smart

Being perfectly layered is not only for the Autumn and Winter seasons.  Flawless execution requires only a few basics paired with understated accessories for proportion.

Cardigans, ties, chinos and denim (at times cuffed to ankle length) can give the sense of being suited up, but in a simple manner.  Casual doesn’t have to be a complete bore.  In fact, highlighting your wardrobe with subtle details within the craftmenship of each piece can attract attention on a fuller scale.

Nothing is slated and there is no superiority presented in the ensemble.   the existence is in and of itself; being the standard with no comparison necessary.

Level37- High Definition.

Guy Robinson for Henri Lloyd S/S 2012

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