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Take from these photos what you may.  Some may say it’s all beauty and others may say its undone or overdone.  I say he’s trying to teach us a lesson.

There were three points I gathered on how a Gent should wear suspenders or how one should think of them.

1) Relax a bit

2) Know how you can bring your own flair to it

3) Have fun with them

Kerry Degman knows how to make it his own, bringing the accessory to all wardrobe attire.  These shots show that suspenders are no longer bound to prep.

Level37 takes note.

Kerry Degman by Daniel D’Ottavio


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Eye Wonder

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but how much more beautiful the subject is when framed with luxurious eye-wear.

There is so much behind the eyes…truths, desires and passions.  Look around and you’ll see the same is in front of them too.

Level37- Spectacular Perspective.





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Where Do You Stand?

“Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.”           -Mark Twain

Godfrey Goa for Louis Vuitton S/S 2011 in Garage Magazine

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Show Off

The human body is a beautiful language.

Tanks have come a long way in helping you express exactly what you want to say.  No laze here, only luxe.

With so many designs and details to fit any Gent, it’s impossible to not find one that would look good. It’s the details that assist in deterring the thought that one cant afford a real shirt, and the appeal that keeps interest at its peak.

What more can one ask for?  Comfort and style, all in one piece.

With choices like these available, you can speak your mind (or body) without saying the words.

Level37 wants to know : Can you bare it?


LNA: Contrast Button Tank

H&M: Blue Striped Tank

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Fresh Pick

We saw this and just had to share it.  And with the inspiration behind it, it was love at first sight.  It’s none other than Etro’s S/S 2011 Collection.

Paisley patterns and light to even lighter fabrics in this collection breathe life into any Gents wardrobe.  The intricate details in the trousers, shorts, and jackets drum up an intense rumble of creativity. The spheres of what is acceptable yet wearable at the same time in menswear converge to form an evolved breed of style.

Not one piece is slighted.  From the sheer shirts to the pocket squares, each piece marks its place in the spotlight.

Go to to view the entire collection.  You’ll realize that they thought of everything.

Level37 dares you to take a bite.


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