Made For Walking

So you did it all.  You decided to shop for all your summer must-have looks and everything is off the list.  Sunglasses (check).  Polos (check).  Shorts, khakis and chinos (check and check and check). Then you realize something -you never looked down.

Yes, clothes do make the man and puts him on the scene.  But the shoe he is wearing gets him there.

When warm weather hits, minimalism shines.  It’s time to put away the bulky tennis shoes and boots to bring out the slender, clean lines.

With so many styles to exhibit during the warm months, it’s important to have a different shoe to complement each look.  Sneakers when paired correctly can go from boring to buzz in a casual look.  Loafers, moccasins, and oxfords are other choices that give a great impression of commitment and effort.

The real key here is to give a little extra time and thought.

So Gents, when you look in the mirror, take a moment to pan down and ask yourselves: Who am I today?

Level37 takes it in stride.

CALVIN KLEIN: Clay Suede Sneaker

GUCCI: Black Crocodile Moccasin with Bamboo Horsebit and Web Detail

COLE HAAN: Klassy Cap Oxford


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