Put It On

When a guy wears a trench coat that he loves, he doesn’t feel like he’s about to report the latest details of a homicide investigation.  He more so feels like he’s wearing the piece for conversation.

Whether you want to throw it on as a light layer over a Henley-tee or want to complete a to-the-hilt ensemble, the trench always grabs attention and strikes the eye.  No matter how much detail is put into it, it never looks wrong.

The trench is one piece that blends versatility and flair in an expressive way that is still within the barriers of conformity.  Many men are afraid to take chances when it comes to outerwear.  The trench coat takes the snooze out of mens outerwear and give it a good wake-up kick.

With an amazing choice of color and detail available, all one has to do is take their pick.

Level37 gets you into the trenches.

RALPH LAUREN: Black Label- Storm Denim Trench Coat

ZARA: Cotton Trench Coat

BURBERRY: Double Breasted Bonded Cotton Poplin Trench Coat


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