Belt It Out

When it comes to pet-peeves, one of them has to be an un-belted waist.  Unless the pant has an auto-adjust,  built-in elastic band; a belt should be worn.  Always.  My rule of thumb: If it has loops, a belt is necessary.

But one must wonder…what makes a Gent not want to wear a belt?  It can’t be laziness. It takes less than a minute to put on a belt.  It turns out that some men don’t know what belt to wear with any specific outfit.

Leather is a go-to that pairs well with any attire.  Beyond that what are we to do?  Here are a few styles that are sure to complete any ensemble.

LEVEL37 leaves no room for excuses.

J. CREW: Military Web Belt

LACOSTE:  rc 1070

TOPMAN: Light Brown Leather Yard Belt


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