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Made For Walking

So you did it all.  You decided to shop for all your summer must-have looks and everything is off the list.  Sunglasses (check).  Polos (check).  Shorts, khakis and chinos (check and check and check). Then you realize something -you never looked down.

Yes, clothes do make the man and puts him on the scene.  But the shoe he is wearing gets him there.

When warm weather hits, minimalism shines.  It’s time to put away the bulky tennis shoes and boots to bring out the slender, clean lines.

With so many styles to exhibit during the warm months, it’s important to have a different shoe to complement each look.  Sneakers when paired correctly can go from boring to buzz in a casual look.  Loafers, moccasins, and oxfords are other choices that give a great impression of commitment and effort.

The real key here is to give a little extra time and thought.

So Gents, when you look in the mirror, take a moment to pan down and ask yourselves: Who am I today?

Level37 takes it in stride.

CALVIN KLEIN: Clay Suede Sneaker

GUCCI: Black Crocodile Moccasin with Bamboo Horsebit and Web Detail

COLE HAAN: Klassy Cap Oxford


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Put It On

When a guy wears a trench coat that he loves, he doesn’t feel like he’s about to report the latest details of a homicide investigation.  He more so feels like he’s wearing the piece for conversation.

Whether you want to throw it on as a light layer over a Henley-tee or want to complete a to-the-hilt ensemble, the trench always grabs attention and strikes the eye.  No matter how much detail is put into it, it never looks wrong.

The trench is one piece that blends versatility and flair in an expressive way that is still within the barriers of conformity.  Many men are afraid to take chances when it comes to outerwear.  The trench coat takes the snooze out of mens outerwear and give it a good wake-up kick.

With an amazing choice of color and detail available, all one has to do is take their pick.

Level37 gets you into the trenches.

RALPH LAUREN: Black Label- Storm Denim Trench Coat

ZARA: Cotton Trench Coat

BURBERRY: Double Breasted Bonded Cotton Poplin Trench Coat

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No flyaway here.

We mean your tie, Gents.  Never again will a windy day cramp your style.  Even in sunny, shiny weather, a glint of jewel will complete any look that requires a knot at the neck.

A tie clip can be that extra nudge to propel you into a comfort zone.  Adjusting your tie placement with every slight move can make you look like an adolescent donning the accessory for the first time or needless to say, very nervous.  The difference between these two is…well, there is none really.

Either way, wearing a tie clip means there is one less thing to worry about in your ensemble.  Those extra seconds of patting down and flattening out can now be used towards a real task that needs attention.

Level37 puts it in place.

The Ease


The Luxe

BURBERRY: Check Tie Bar

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Many Gents face a dilemma when trying to choose a travel bag that doesn’t resemble a young lady’s coveted accessory.  How can one choose something functional yet masculine and stylish?

No more do we go by rules such as: If it has more than three compartments, a male shouldn’t carry it.

Back packs and messenger bags are easily accessible options when it comes to holding our tools and gadgets.  But to punch-up ones look, Level37 has chosen a few totes that are sure to stand the test of a man’s lifetime.

Whether it’s running a few errands or putting in a long day’s work…

Level37 has got it in the bag

RALPH LAUREN: Canvas and Leather Tote

RAG & BONE: Sim Tote

COACH: Hamptons Canvas Medium Weekend Tote

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Belt It Out

When it comes to pet-peeves, one of them has to be an un-belted waist.  Unless the pant has an auto-adjust,  built-in elastic band; a belt should be worn.  Always.  My rule of thumb: If it has loops, a belt is necessary.

But one must wonder…what makes a Gent not want to wear a belt?  It can’t be laziness. It takes less than a minute to put on a belt.  It turns out that some men don’t know what belt to wear with any specific outfit.

Leather is a go-to that pairs well with any attire.  Beyond that what are we to do?  Here are a few styles that are sure to complete any ensemble.

LEVEL37 leaves no room for excuses.

J. CREW: Military Web Belt

LACOSTE:  rc 1070

TOPMAN: Light Brown Leather Yard Belt

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